School Safety Starter Bundle

Contains the Safe Schools Starter Kit & COVID-19 Compliance kit


 This bundle consists of our School Safety Starter Kit as well as the COVID-19 Compliance Kit. Buying this bundle saves you $30 as when bought individually, you end up paying a total of $197.

School Safety Starter Kit 

In this kit, you will find explainer videos, templates and courses to help you create a functional safety system. Included is:
1. Our unique 30-Point Safety Assessment System
2. Health and Safety Policy template and explainer video
3. Risk Assessment course and template
4. Health and Safety Induction Framework

All these put if bought individually from us, amounts to £350 at least. But you get it for just £99 or N50,000.

COVID-19 Compliance Kit
As schools reopen, it has become imperative that they get safety right especially with living and trying to survive in a pandemic. Save time, energy, money and your reputation by embracing international yet easy to understand and implement tried and tested safety standards.

We have made it very easy for you by giving you everything you need to get COVID-19 compliance from training materials, to COVID-19 risk assessment and even guidance document.

Resetting Safety Standard in Schools during COVID-19 (7-Part Series)
6 videos on various health and safety topics including emergency preparedness, business continuity, mental health, managing schools safely during COVID-19 and lots more.