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Membership Summary

Thank you for your interest in joining the paid Community of Safe Schools. It is our vision to lead schools in Africa to become truly 21st Century - one that is truly safe, sound and secure.

In this community, you will get our full support to revolutionise safety in your schools. You will gain:

⚡Short trainings/videos tailored to help you start taking action in your business/school or getting your staff trained (15 mins or less - covering a wide range of health and safety related topics)
⚡Live Q+A session monthly to help you with your most pressing safety and safeguarding needs
⚡Action-Oriented Challenges
⚡Guest Lectures
⚡Free updates to content of the School Safety Compliance Kit when you purchase it plus additional resources
⚡Huge discounts off our services, 1:1 coaching and live training
⚡️Support and advice from our team and consultants with unlimited email support. Send us as many emails as you wish.
⚡️Updates to safety regulations and requirements
⚡️Free and impactful safety resources, templates and guides
⚡PLUS COMMUNITY - a safe space to learn, grow and collaborate

What more? When you pay for a year's membership, you get FREE access to the School Safety Compliance Kit Saving you £399. Great deal!

Guess what? You can send up to 3 of your staff members to join the program at no extra charge. Perfect if you have more than 1 location. We want to ensure you school(s) continues to get the support she needs. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the team. We can't wait to see you inside!

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