14 Days to Safer Schools

Learn all you need to get started on your schools's safety journey.

Course Summary

 A practical programme to get schools creating a safety system that works and saves lives for just N50,000 ($125 or Β£100).

Here's a quick overview!

  •  Day 1: Carrying out safety assessments
  •  Day 2: Your Policy: Safety Roles & Responsibilities
  •  Day 3: Your Policy: Arranging & Meeting Special Needs
  •  Day 4: Threats and Hazards Identification
  •  Day 5: Assessing and Controlling Risks
  •  Day 6: Security Plans & Policies
  •  Day 7: Questions & Answers Session
  •  Day 8: Child Safety & Protection
  •  Day 9: Mental Health
  •  Day 10: Emergency Management: Preparedness & Planning
  •  Day 11: Emergency Management: Continuity Planning
  •  Day 12: Safety Induction & Training
  •  Day 13: Safety Committees & Management Meetings
  •  Day 14: Questions & Answers Session
    • Free safety assessment and planning templates.
    • Our unique Safety Process Framework/Map
    • Health and Safety policy template. Plug and Play. Save lots of time and moneyπŸ€‘.
Check below for what people say about the course!


HSE Professional​​

The Mental health module was loaded and very educative. It is one I would like to further study. I have learnt to show empathy in every situation not just show sympathy.



I am grateful to God that I put in for this training. It was very detailed and engaging. I enjoyed every bit of it and now see things differently even in my day to day activities. Thank you for the great work.



I will admit I got a full dose of the course, I never had such experience in a long while. Awesome!!!! The course has proven to me that safety is a part of everyday life, ignore it to your own peril. Thanks for the impactful training

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